Weapons & Sensor Systems has a long history of providing innovative Unattended Ground Sensor solutions. For several decades, Textron has provided its seismic, acoustic, imaging and communications networking expertise to solve difficult surveillance problems for a wide range of military and non-military customers. Low-power electronics with extraordinarily low-noise front ends, extremely efficient networking and sophisticated algorithms are the hallmarks of our Unattended Ground Sensor Products.

Our MicroObserver System is a next-generation Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) solution that provides situational awareness for applications ranging from perimeter defense and force protection to border security and law enforcement. Easily networked with other surveillance systems, MicroObserver brings a new level of covertness, ease of use and performance reliability to ground sensor solutions.
With its advanced tracking and seismic detection technology, the MicroObserver system provides detection, classification and tracking of people and vehicles. Identification of targets is possible with sensor-cued infrared imaging sensors that utilize proven target detection algorithms to capture a series of mini-video images. Ruggedized to withstand a wide spectrum of climates and terrains, MicroObserver delivers reliable actionable intelligence across even the harshest environmental conditions.
Leveraging a radio optimized for low-power operation, the MicroObserver system is capable of both short- and long-term emplacements, with sensor node battery life options of 30-days for tactical operations and greater than two-years for permanent, long-term perimeter security deployment scenarios.
MicroObserver’s reliable performance, flexible deployment options and ease of use make it an ideal solution for both military and civil applications, including:
● Base Security/Perimeter Defense
● Force Protection
● Border Security
● Critical Infrastructure Protection
● Remote Intelligence Gathering & other Law Enforcement applications

The MicroObserver system has been fielded around the world in support of these applications.