Commando Elite

Four-wheeled armored vehicle 27 Март 2015, 18:48
COMMANDOTM Elite four-wheeled armored vehicles are our most highly-protected and capable vehicles, providing superior direct-fire and mine-blast protection. COMMANDO Elite vehicles come equipped with our latest drive train enhancements making them fast and highly maneuverable in a wide range of environments. Lethality is achieved through multiple sensors and weapons options.

COMMANDO Elite vehicles are flexible enough to accommodate nearly any remote weapon station available - single or dual weapon mix. They also feature a digital backbone for vehicle systems monitoring and future electronics expansion. COMMANDO Elite vehicles are easy to maintain and repair, with readily available parts, training and service support.
Our Commando Elite Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle offers Canadian Forces an unmatched blend of mobility, protection, survivability and versatility. Learn more at