Combat vehicle 27 Март 2015, 18:38
The MDT Armor/Marine & Land Systems Tiger combat vehicle is a survivable, cost effective light protected all-terrain vehicle that seats two to nine crewmembers. Mine and blast protection levels are available via various add-on armor options.
Based on a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Dodge RAM 5500 platform, the Tiger utilizes standard Dodge maintenance and service. The Tiger incorporates a powerful Cummins 350 HP diesel engine, a highly protected armored capsule, large military standard tires, and a 127-inch wheel base, offering exceptional mobility. Its advanced suspension ensures a comfortable ride for the crew.
Tiger’s five doors and roof hatch offer easy loading and unloading of personnel and equipment. The spacious cabin, with exceptional payload capacity, can be reconfigured for various missions.
The MDT Tiger Light Protected Vehicle was designed to be cost effective. The COTS Dodge platform ensures widespread support and cost effective maintenance. The unique encapsulated cabin permits easy access to all components. The capsule can easily be removed and remounted, allowing its installation on a new platform, increasing its life and ensuring low lifecycle cost.